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Tom & Jenny

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“Tom and Jenny cover Chiddingfold and the surrounding villages. They both have their set days so the dogs enjoy a steady routine, and working as a pair gives them added flexibility. Tom is part of a successful band and lives in London, but travels down to walk his dogs on Wednesdays and Thursdays and to do his Friday Hike. Jenny lives locally in Godalming with her Chihuahua Chico, and walks the dogs on Mondays and Tuesdays, and also covers Tom when he’s recording or playing gigs. Tom joined Dog-Trotters early 2017, and Jenny came on board not long after. Covering Chiddingfold, Hambledon, Wormley and Witley they work brilliantly together and make a great team.”


About Dog-Trotters:

Dog-Trotters was established in 2005 by myself, Flossie Allinson, and I cover the Godalming area. Over the last thirteen years our services have been in high demand, and we’ve grown to incorporate a strong team of walkers. Art Porter joined Dog-Trotters in 2015 and runs the Cranleigh branch. Tom Leader and Jenny Lake cover Chiddingfold and the surrounding villages, and I continue to look after the original Godalming area where it all began over a decade ago. Together we work as a team, and we’re extremely proud of the excellent service we’re able to offer.



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