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Dog-Trotters is a reliable and flexible dog-walking business based in Cranleigh, Surrey and the surrounding areas. We provide a friendly and loyal service, giving peace of mind and providing dog-owners with more time for household chores and childcare. Dogs are walked through local countryside, giving them both exercise and social stimulation. We pride ourselves on a personal service, working hard to fit around your own schedule and your dogs needs.

Dog-Trotters Welcome

Puppy Visits


When puppies are too little to go on proper walks, we can come and spend some time with them, play with them in the garden, and give them their lunch if you’re out of the house for a longer period of time than you’re happy letting them be alone for. Similarly, as dogs get older and less mobile, sometimes a full walk isn’t suitable. Whether your dog is young or old, or even if you just get stuck at work and need us to pop in and let them out and feed them at the end of the day, we’re happy to do so. Half hour visits are £10.






Dog Walking


Every dog has their own character and personality, and we pride ourselves on our ability to treat each dog as an individual with their own needs. We always endeavour to walk dogs together who get on particularly well, and we time his or her walks to fit in with your schedule. Walks cost £12 and last for approximately an hour, though discounts are available for households with more than one dog. We always walk through countryside, away from roads. We cover primarily Godalming and its surrounding villages. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re unsure if we cover your area.




Cat Feeding


When you go away on holiday and you don’t want to ask your neighbours to feed the cat, this is a service we also incorporate into our company. We’re available for morning or evening feeds, and we’re happy to administer any medication or pills your cat may require. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you also need your guinea pig or rabbits, or any other small animal cared for – it’s all part of the service. We’re even happy to water your plants if you need us to! Weekday visits are £8, and weekend/bank holiday visits are £12.








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