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Dog-Trotters Testimonials

“I just wanted to leave a review to say a big thank you to Art - at Dog Trotters Cranleigh - for walking our dog Rocky for the few years. Art is very professional, both friendly and reliable and brilliant with our dog. It's great to know that Rocky gets a lovely walk to break up each day and, when I happen to be home, Rocky is always excited to go out and then excited to tell me what a great time he had when he gets back. Thank you!”

- Rhiannon Chilton

“Dog Trotters have been walking Charlie for several years and Art has been walking him since we moved to Shamley Green about 18 months ago. Charlie absolutely loves Art. (And maybe I'm biased, but I suspect the feeling is mutual). Charlie waits by the door for Art and comes home wiped out with a big grin on his face!”

- Sarah Louise Pigott

“Excellent dog walkers and very reliable! Our doggie loves his walks with Art and is always very happy to see him! Would definitely recommend!”

- Hannah Gadd

“Art is professional & it's clear how much he loves spending time with & walking all of the dogs. Trustworthy & reliable caring for furry friends & when house sitting.”

- Jessica Ruth

“We have had the benefit of having both Flossie and Art in our lives since we had Theo move in with us (2015), and later joined by Harry (2016), both now looked after wonderfully by Art since we moved to Bramley and fell under the 'Cranleigh' umbrella. Our boys have loved them both, and whilst I'm sure they miss their Auntie Flossie, they continue to love their daily weekday walks with Uncle Art. I would agree with a previous review that in my experience Art goes above and beyond with the service he provides. Having two dogs in one household has been challenging at times, but Art has been fantastic both in terms of advice and practical support, but also in terms of emotional support when things have been particularly tense. Always happy (or so it seems!) to talk about the boys, keep an eye on things when out on walks, and reporting back - even if the reports are only positive and not to highlight any issues! Flexibility, kindness, patience, and generosity with his time are all things important to us humans and are particularly important factors that reassure me that my dogs are very much receiving the best care when they are with Art. ”


- Sarah Nuttall


“Art – Amazing. Reliable. Trustworthy … Paddy loves Art there is no doubt and although our spotty dog (who blends nicely with your livery may I add!), is strong and independent of mind, he is also a very funny, loving, soft and gentle dog who wants to do right and knows when he has done wrong. For a big and strong dog he is also a scaredy cat! Ever since Art has been walking Paddy, Alex and I have seen a massive improvement in the way Paddy meets and greets other dogs and I know that Art’s firm hand and control is very much the reason why.  Through sun and rain, Art has never failed to turn up and walk and we are so grateful to him for his dedication. Long may  Dog Trotters continue to grow and flourish and long may Art continue to walk and love Paddy.  Keep up the good work.”

- Jenni, Alex and Paddy

“Art has been walking my 12 year old Black Labrador, Molly, twice a week since April 2015. Molly was pretty neurotic at the start. She did not like men or to be too close to other dogs and was a big barker! Art has handled her beautifully. She is now very excited to go off for walks with him, along with other big dogs. She has blossomed under his care. She no longer barks at everyone she meets and is much more settled during the days in between his walks. She has also stayed with him over a long weekend, while I was away. She came back an exhausted (from all the long walks) and very happy dog. I don’t think she missed me at all. I would recommend Art to other dog owners.”

- Sharon Webster

“Art has been walking my dog for just over a year now and his proved himself reliable and trustworthy. As someone who can't drive he has also offered to take me on some of the walks and hikes with him and it has been great to witness my dog enjoying himself on group walks. Although I'm not an expert you can clearly see all the dogs adore him and respond well to his calm influence. In my experience Art goes above and beyond with the service he provides and has stepped in at very short notice on several occasions whenever he can. I highly recommend Dog Trotters -Cranleigh to any conscientious owner who requires a professional service.”

- Kelly Elizabeth Mayne

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